🚀 Elevate Your ROAS & Cut Costs with Skip Rules!

![01hprsnhpz5kz5gk98rrjn8xft-featured-image.jpg-4280](BASE/products/677106671/changelog/32762/inline-1284517a1104b8fdd97ae4abf3ea4a2a.jpg) Skip Rules streamline your WhatsApp broadcasts with just a click, refining your targeting to boost ROAS and slash messaging costs. 💰 ![01hprsescxzn75gg0rdcke4qcn-image.gif-2188](BASE/products/677106671/changelog/32762/inline-81051bcec9241f2c1375fa1a1b406819.gif) 1.🚫 Remove Duplicate Contacts: Automatically clear out duplicate contacts, ensuring a pristine list. 2.💤 Dead Audience Filtering: Zero in on those who interact with your messages, leaving behind the inactive for laser-focused campaigns and smarter spending. 3.📵 Control Spam: Set limits on message frequency to maintain a healthy, engaging relationship with your audience, preventing opt-outs and blocks.