🚀 Now Launched: 10 Buttons Support for WhatsApp Templates! 🚀

![01hp6k8cn826caystd1jxv1zqn-featured-image.jpg-2034](BASE/products/677106671/changelog/32709/inline-3b2487ba2dab7f22dc6ad2c9ce672bad.jpg) 👉 What's New? •⁠ ⁠More Interaction, Faster Engagement: Now add up to 🔟 interactive buttons to your WhatsApp templates! •⁠ ⁠Diverse Options: Choose from 3 CTA buttons, including 🌐 2 web links and ☎️ 1 call action, plus up to 7 QuickReply buttons for streamlined customer interactions. •⁠ ⁠Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Mix and match CTA and QuickReply buttons to suit your campaign needs. No CTAs? Go all in with 10 QuickReply buttons! 🤩 Want to Dive Deeper?Connect with your Account Manager to learn how to maximize this feature for your brand.